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  استديو للبيع في الهديل , شاطىء الراحة , أبوظبي

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غرف: 1
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حمام: 1
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موقف سيارات : 1
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  استديو للبيع في الهديل , شاطىء الراحة , أبوظبي
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1 Baths

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1 Parking

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500 sqft



نظرة عامة عن العقار

  • إسم المشروع Al Hadeel
  • المطور Aldar Properties PJSC
  • مجتمع شاطىء الراحة
  • نوع  استديو
  • عقد بيع
  • الملكية تملك حر (جميع الجنسيات)
  • السعر AED 850,000
  • مرجع الوحدة AP40220
  • المساحة 500 قدم مربع
  • السعر لكل قدم مربع د.أ 1,700
  • غرف 1
  • حمام 1
  • موقف سيارات 1
  • إطلالة الوحدة إطلالة على المجمع السكني
  • البنوك الممولة في
  • في جميع أنحاء العالم 9%
  • الدفعة الشهرية د.أ 0 / 0 yrs
  • Property Reg. # 202200839065

تفاصيل عن المشروع

About Al Hadeel, Al Raha Beach

Al Hadeel, managed by Aldar Properties PJSC, stands as a testament to luxury waterfront living on Al Raha Beach. This residential haven offers exclusive beachfront apartments for sale, redefining the standards of modern family living. With a focus on providing a lavish lifestyle, Al Hadeel boasts a range of amenities, including pools, cafes, and gyms.

Project Details in Al Hadeel, Al Raha Beach

Discover the allure of Al Hadeel, where azure open waters meet contemporary design. The project comprises studios, apartments, and houses, creating an ideal environment for those seeking a blend of sophistication and comfort.

Amenities and Facilities in Al Hadeel, Al Raha Beach

• Gymnasium
• Multiple swimming pools
• Children’s playing area
• BBQ spaces
• Covered parking
• High-speed elevators
• Security, central air-conditioning, and maintenance services
• Event space with BBQ areas
• Fully equipped gym and swimming pools on the 10th floor
• Lifestyle amenities like play areas, relaxation spaces, and a clubhouse
• Concierge and guest services

Transportation and Parking in Al Hadeel, Al Raha Beach

Discover seamless transportation and parking at Al Hadeel, Al Raha Beach. Conveniently located near Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street, residents enjoy easy access to Khalifa City A, Al Maqta, and Al Mushrif. Public transportation options, including taxis, buses, Careem, and Uber, provide flexible commuting choices.
For residents with vehicles, Al Hadeel offers covered parking facilities, ensuring secure and sheltered spaces. High-speed elevators further enhance accessibility within the building. Al Hadeel’s commitment to transportation convenience adds an extra layer of comfort to the luxurious living experience.

Medical Facilities Near Al Hadeel, Al Raha Beach

• Al Noor Hospital Medical Center – Approximately 2.7 km
• Sahara Hospital Abu Dhabi – Approximately 3.1 km
• Burjeel Medical Centre – Approximately 3 km

Educational Institution Near Al Hadeel, Al Raha Beach

• Yellow Submarine Nursery – Al Muneera – Approximately 700 m
• First Hope Nursery – Approximately 2.7 km
• Technology Innovation Institute – Approximately 4.5 km
• Emirates School Establishment – Approximately 5.1 km

Malls and Supermarkets Near Al Hadeel, Al Raha Beach

• Al Muneera Beach Plaza – Approximately 600 m
• Al Raha Mall – Approximately 3.4 km
• Gardens Plaza – Approximately 4.9 km
• Earth Mall – Approximately 3.2 km
• Carrefour Market – Approximately 750 m
• Grandiose Supermarket C11 – Approximately 3.3 km

Hotels, Resorts and Beaches Near Al Hadeel, Al Raha Beach

Hotels and Resorts:
• Al Raha Beach Hotel- Approximately 750 m
• Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island – Approximately 5.2 km
• Al Zeina Beach- Approximately 3 km
• Yas Beach – Approximately 5.8 km
• Lou Lou Beach – Approximately 3.7 km

Leisure Activities, Entertainment and Landmarks Near Al Hadeel, Al Raha Beach

• SeaWorld Abu Dhabi: Approximately 6.6 km
• Yas Links Abu Dhabi: Approximately 6.6 km
• Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: Approximately 8 km
• Yas Marina: Approximately 5.3 km

Why Invest in Al Hadeel, Al Raha Beach

• Prime Waterfront Location:Al Hadeel is situated in the prestigious Al Raha Beach, offering prime waterfront living. The scenic views and proximity to the beach enhance the overall appeal of the development.
• Renowned Developer: Developed by Aldar Properties, Al Hadeel benefits from the stellar reputation of a leading real estate developer known for quality and commitment to excellence.
• Diverse Residential Options: The development provides a range of residential options, from studios to spacious 5-bedroom townhouses. This diversity attracts a broader market, catering to various lifestyle preferences.
• Exclusive Amenities: Al Hadeel residents enjoy exclusive access to amenities such as a gymnasium, swimming pools, children’s playing area, and BBQ spaces. The presence of Al Bandar Marina and Club adds unique selling propositions for potential investors.
• Proximity to Entertainment Hubs: The strategic location of Al Hadeel, near entertainment hubs like Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Yas Waterworld, adds to its appeal. This proximity not only enhances the lifestyle for residents but also contributes to potential rental demand and tourism-related opportunities.
• Strong Rental and Sales Trends: The property market in Al Hadeel shows strong rental and sales trends, with 2-bedroom flats being particularly popular. Studio apartments offer a high rental yield of 6.32%, making it an attractive choice for investors seeking lucrative returns.
• Growing Demand in Al Raha Beach: Al Raha Beach is a rapidly growing area with increasing demand for premium waterfront living. Investing in Al Hadeel aligns with this trend, ensuring sustained value appreciation over time.

إقرأ المزيد

تفاصيل الوحدة

1 غرفة نوم بيع استديو متاح لى في الهديل
هذا 1 غرفة نوم استديو في الهديل يأتي بحجم 500 sq ft. هذه الوحدة لها 1 غرفة نوم, 1 الحمامات و 1 موقف سيارات.
ال استديو متوفر في الهديل السعر لكل قدم مربع يكون 1700 AED.
إطلالة على المجمع السكني لهذا 1 غرفة نوم استديو في الهديل.
أبوظبي الرقم المرجعي لـ 1 غرفة نوم استديو للبحث عن بيع في الهديل يكون AP40220
تفاصيل عن هذا 1 غرفة نوم في الهديل, بما في ذلك الصور والجولات الافتراضية.خطط الكلمة لهذا استديو في الهديل
ابحث عن خريطة الموقع لـ الهديلأفضل سعر لـ الهديل متوفرة الآن
وسيط 1 غرفة نوم استديو في الهديل في Property Shop Investment
ابحث عن وحدات مماثلة لـ 1 غرفة نوم استديو في الهديل

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حاسبة التمويل العقاري

الوحدات المتاحة في Al Hadeel

ما هو ثمن 1 غرفة نوم استديو في الهديل , شاطىء الراحة ?

ثمن 1 غرفة نوم استديو في الهديل , شاطىء الراحة يكون د.أ 850,000

الهديل نظرة عامة

حدد موعدًا للمشاهدة المجانية.

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