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2br apartment in strategic location in the heart of saadiyat island

 Appartement pour Vente dans Vue sur le parc , Île de Saadiyat , Abou Dhabi

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Des lits: 2
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Thermes: 2
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Parking: 1
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2br apartment in strategic location in the heart of saadiyat island

 Appartement Vente dans Vue sur le parc , Île de Saadiyat , Abou Dhabi
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2 Des lits

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2 Baths

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1 Parking

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1,343 sqft



Aperçu de la propriété

  • Projet Park View
  • Développeur Bloom Properties
  • Communauté Île de Saadiyat
  • Taper Appartement
  • Contracter Vente
  • La possession Maintien gratuit (toutes nationalités)
  • Prix AED 1,900,000
  • Unité Réf. Non. AP42915
  • Zone 1,343 Pied carré
  • Prix au m² DEA 1,415
  • Des lits 2
  • Thermes 2
  • Parking 1
  • Voir
  • Société de financement
  • Retour sur investissement N/A
  • Paiement mensuel DEA 0 / 0 yrs


2br apartment in strategic location in the heart of saadiyat island
About Park View, Saadiyat Island

Nestled within the vibrant cultural landscape of Saadiyat Island, Park View stands tall as an emblem of luxurious living. Offering a blend of exquisite amenities, prime location, and diverse living spaces, this project presents an unparalleled opportunity for a sophisticated lifestyle.

Project Details of Park View, Saadiyat Island

Bloom Park View stands as an epitome of opulence and comfort, setting itself apart in the realm of luxury living. Key differentiators include:
• Prime Location: Positioned across from the prestigious New York University Abu Dhabi, offering an exclusive living experience.
• Diverse Units: Comprising 217 hotel apartments and 230 residential units, ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments.

Amenities and Facilities in Park View, Saadiyat Island

The property boasts unique and state-of-the-art amenities that elevate the living experience for residents and guests alike:
• Captivating Infinity Pool: Suspended thirty meters above ground, creating a mesmerizing bridge between the two buildings.
• Recreational Spaces: A dedicated kids’ play area for family enjoyment.
• Convenient Parking: Ample parking space for residents and their guests.
• Dining Options: On-site restaurants providing a premium dining experience.
• Security: 24-hour security ensuring a safe and secure environment.
• Retail Spaces: Access to various retail options for added convenience.
• Fitness Hub: Well-equipped gymnasium for residents to maintain an active lifestyle.
• Scenic Gardens: Lush landscaped gardens for tranquil relaxation.

Parking and Transportation in Park View, Saadiyat Island

Parking and Accessibility:
• Ample Secure Parking: Plenty of safe spaces available for residents and guests.
• Smooth Access: Conveniently connected to public transportation and major roads for easy commuting.
Eco-Friendly and Smart Features:
• Potential Green Initiatives: Exploring eco-friendly options for sustainable mobility.
• Smart Transportation: Looking into smarter transportation solutions for added convenience.

Medical Facilities Nearby Park View, Saadiyat Island

• HealthPlus Family Clinic – Saadiyat Island
• Tamara Polyclinics LLC
• Aster Clinic, Tourist Club Area Abu Dhabi
• Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Educational Institutions Nearby in Park View, Saadiyat Island

• Bright Beginnings Nursery
• Cranleigh Abu Dhabi
• New York University Abu Dhabi

Hotels and Resorts Nearby Park View, Saadiyat Island

• Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas: Known for its luxury amenities and stunning beachfront setting, offering a lavish experience.
• Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas: A five-star beachfront resort providing upscale accommodations and a wide range of leisure facilities.
• St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort: A prestigious resort known for its opulent ambiance, luxurious services, and beautiful surroundings.
• Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort: Offers a contemporary beachfront experience with exclusive amenities and exceptional services.

Leisure Activities, Beaches and Landmarks Nearby Park View, Saadiyat Island

Leisure Activities:
• Louvre Abu Dhabi: A renowned art and civilization museum showcasing diverse cultural exhibits and artworks from around the world.
• Saadiyat Beach Club: Offers exclusive beach access, leisure facilities, and a serene ambiance for relaxation and recreation.
• Golf at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club: Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round of golf at this prestigious golf course with stunning coastal views.
• Saadiyat Public Beach: A beautiful public beach offering pristine sands, crystal-clear waters, and various water sports activities.
• Saadiyat Beach: Known for its tranquil setting and family-friendly atmosphere, perfect for picnics and sun-soaked days.
• Manarat Al Saadiyat: A cultural center hosting exhibitions, events, and workshops, showcasing the art and heritage of Abu Dhabi.
• Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: A magnificent architectural marvel known for its grandeur and intricate Islamic design, a must-visit landmark in Abu Dhabi.
• Yas Island: Home to attractions like Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, offering thrilling entertainment experiences.

Why Invest in Park View, Saadiyat Island

Investing in Park View, Saadiyat Island, offers a luxurious lifestyle in a culturally rich environment. Its prime location near attractions like Louvre Abu Dhabi ensures an upscale living experience. With upscale apartments and exclusive amenities, this investment holds promise in a growing real estate market. Convenience is paramount, with easy access to schools, hospitals, leisure activities, and stunning beaches. Park View’s commitment to sustainability adds value to the investment. Overall, it’s an attractive opportunity combining luxury, growth potential, and convenience for investors seeking a thriving community and upscale living.

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Détails de l'unité

2 Chambre à coucher VenteAppartement disponible pour dans Vue sur le parc
Ce 2 Chambre à coucher Appartement dans Vue sur le parc vient dans la taille de 1343 sq ft. Cette unité a 2 Chambre à coucher, 2 salles de bains et 1 parking.
Le Appartement disponible en Vue sur le parc Prix au pied carré est 1414 AED.
pour ça 2 Chambre à coucher Appartement dans Vue sur le parc.
Abu Dhabi Numéro de référence pour 2 Chambre à coucher Appartement pour Vente dans Vue sur le parc est AP42915
Détails pour cela 2 Chambre à coucher dans Vue sur le parc, y compris des photos et des visites virtuelles.Plans d'étage pour cela Appartement dans Vue sur le parc
Trouver la carte de localisation de Vue sur le parcMeilleur prix pour Vue sur le parc sont disponibles maintenant
Courtier pour le 2 Chambre à coucher Appartement dans Vue sur le parc dans Property Shop Investment
Trouver des unités similaires pour 2 Chambre à coucher Appartement dans Vue sur le parc

Quel est le prix pour 2 chambre à coucher Appartement dans Vue sur le parc , Île de Saadiyat ?

Le prix pour 2 chambre à coucher Appartement dans Vue sur le parc , Île de Saadiyat est DEA 1,900,000

Vue sur le parc Aperçu

Park View Residences and Hotel Apartments. A stylish contemporary design and a perfect environment for living. Unique apartments between studios to 3 bedrooms. Park view offers an exhilarating range of amenities, designed to complement resident's busy lifestyle. The prime location of this masterpiece will definitely contribute in delivering an unparalleled living experience with convenient access to cultural attractions, universities and recreational spaces.

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