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Spacious interiors Townhouses | 2bed Townhouse Available NOW!

 联排别墅 为了 销售 在 布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯 , 扎耶德市 , 阿布扎比

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床: 2
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浴场: 3
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停車處: 2
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Spacious interiors Townhouses | 2bed Townhouse Available NOW!

 联排别墅 销售 在 布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯 , 扎耶德市 , 阿布扎比
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2 床

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3 Baths

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2 Parking

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1,338 sqft




  • 类型 联排别墅
  • 合同 销售
  • 所有权 免费持有(所有国籍)
  • 交接日期 01/01/2026
  • 价格 AED 1,790,000
  • 单位参考不。 TH155026
  • 区域 1,338 平方英尺
  • 每平方英尺的价格 体外除颤器 1,338
  • 2
  • 浴场 3
  • 停車處 2
  • 看法 社区视图
  • 投资回报率
  • 每月支付 体外除颤器 0 / 0 yrs


Bloom Living will become a highly sought-after lifestyle destination due to its extremely attractive living options, functional layouts, and impressive community offering.
Casares features a Community Center surrounded by lush greenery and stunning landscaping. Those living within Casares can benefit from a wide range of facilities available at Bloom Living, just within a short walking distance. Residents can explore the beauty of nature at Bloom Living’s multiple uninterruptedly interconnected parks, and they can also enjoy their time at the community’s main Clubhouse which provides easy access to pools, sports and recreational facilities, as well as a wellness center. Additionally, at the heart of Bloom Living lies a Town Center that offers an array of retail and F&B options.
Inspired by the Mediterranean Spanish architecture and built over an area of 2.2 million sqm, the iconic gated community, Bloom Living, will feature more than 4,500 homes including a selection of villas, townhouses, and apartments. The aspirational community has been designated as an investment zone, bringing together residents of all ages, cultures, and ethnicities, to deliver a superior living experience that promotes genuine human connection.

Project Facilities:
– Large Lake
– Designated trails for walking, running and Cycling
– Leisure activities
– Multi-purpose amphiheaters
– Sunset and Sunrise Plazas
– Two Outstanding international schools

Closest to:
-Abu Dhabi Airport 9mins away
-Yas Island 20 mins away

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Our devotion, professionalism, and innovation are led by a great intellect; our firm’s General Manager, Mr. Said Abu Laila, a market veteran with a keen eye for real estate. With his profound understanding of real estate, banking, and finance, he was able to build a top real estate company and train the finest of people to become the best of professionals with an exceptional set of skills, market connections, and resourcefulness.

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2 卧室 销售联排别墅 可以用来 在 布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯
这 2 卧室 联排别墅布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯 尺寸为 1338 sq ft. 本单位有 2 卧室, 3 浴室 和 2 停車處.
联排别墅 可用于 布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯 每平方英尺的价格 是 1337 AED.
社区视图 为了这 2 卧室 联排别墅布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯.
阿布扎比参考编号 2 卧室 联排别墅 为了 销售 在 布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯 是 TH155026
详情 2 卧室 在 布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯, 包括照片和虚拟旅游.平面图 联排别墅布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯
查找位置图 布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯最佳价格 布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯 现在可用
经纪人为 2 卧室 联排别墅布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯 在 Property Shop Investment
寻找类似单位 2 卧室 联排别墅布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯

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  • 阳台
  • 内置衣柜
  • 瓷砖
  • 封闭式厨房
  • 抽油烟机
  • 数据出口
  • 厨柜
  • 厨房设施
  • 灯具配件
  • 灯光
  • 电源插座


价格是多少 2 卧室 联排别墅 在 布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯 , 扎耶德市 ?

的价格 2 卧室 联排别墅 在 布鲁姆生活卡萨雷斯 , 扎耶德市 是 体外除颤器 1,790,000




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