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出租 在 亚斯岛

Unit type

价格 类型 卧室 浴场 停車處 尺寸 参考编号 财产 社区
体外除颤器 150,000 联排别墅 3 4 2 1,753 平方英尺 TH152277 诺亚 亚斯岛
体外除颤器 200,000 联排别墅 2 3 2 2,335 平方英尺 TH70778 亚斯英亩 - 第 3 区 亚斯岛
体外除颤器 230,000 联排别墅 3 4 2 3,383 平方英尺 TH42692 亚斯英亩 - 1 区 亚斯岛

待售 在 亚斯岛

Unit type

价格 类型 卧室 浴场 停車處 尺寸 参考编号 财产 社区
体外除颤器 1,690,000 联排别墅 2 3 1 1,816 平方英尺 VI19787 诺亚 亚斯岛
体外除颤器 1,699,000 联排别墅 2 3 2 1,334 平方英尺 TH75266 诺亚万岁 亚斯岛
体外除颤器 1,700,345 联排别墅 2 4 2 1,334 平方英尺 TH75728 诺亚 亚斯岛
体外除颤器 1,713,178 联排别墅 2 4 2 1,334 平方英尺 TH75727 诺亚 亚斯岛
体外除颤器 1,750,000 联排别墅 2 1,335 平方英尺 TH164546 诺亚 亚斯岛
体外除颤器 1,750,000 联排别墅 2 3 1,335 平方英尺 TH3977 诺亚 亚斯岛
Yas Island, an artificial island in Abu Dhabi, is a sought-after location for living and tourism. The island is a hub of entertainment, leisure and residential options offering a unique experience. 
Location and Landmarks:
- Yas Island is conveniently located just 25 minutes away from Abu Dhabi city center, accessible via major highways and transportation links.
- The Abu Dhabi International Airport is only 10 km away from Yas Island, with a travel time of approximately 15 minutes by car.
- Yas Island boasts many important landmarks, such as the Yas Marina Circuit that hosts the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the Yas Waterworld, the region's largest water park.
- High-end hotels and resorts, like the Yas Hotel Abu Dhabi and W Abu Dhabi - Yas Island, are situated on the island.
- Yas Island is also close to Abu Dhabi's prominent shopping destinations, including the Yas Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall.
Distances from Yas Island to Important Landmarks:
- Abu Dhabi International Airport: 10 km
- Abu Dhabi Mall: 27 km
- Yas Mall: situated on Yas Island
- City center: 25 km
About Yas Island:
- Yas Island is renowned for its entertainment and leisure options making it a preferred destination for families and young professionals.
- The island has several parks and green spaces such as the Yas Marina Park and the Yas Gateway Park.
- Yas Island is a mixed-use development that comprises a range of residential, commercial, and entertainment facilities.
- The island offers various housing options: such as residential towers, villas, and apartments catering to different needs.
- Several schools and educational institutions are located in the area making it a favored choice or options for families with children.
Real Estate Market:
- The real estate market in Yas Island is highly in-demand in Abu Dhabi with a variety of options for renters and buyers.
- The demand for properties in Yas Island is expected to keep rising as the island becomes an increasingly popular destination for tourists and residents.
- Yas Island's location, entertainment options, and high-end amenities make it a desirable location for both renters and buyers with a potentially high return on investment.
Why Invest in Yas Island,Abu Dhabi:
- Yas Island offers a distinctive and lively living experience with access to some of Abu Dhabi's most important landmarks and entertainment attractions.
- The real estate market in Yas Island is considered one of the most popular and potentially profitable in the city.
- With the expected increase in demand for properties in Yas Island it presents an ideal opportunity for both renters and buyers.


价格是多少 待售 在 亚斯岛

起始价格为 联排别墅 卧室 待售 在 亚斯岛 是 体外除颤器 1,690,000

价格是多少 出租 在 亚斯岛 ?

起始价格为 联排别墅 卧室 出租 在 亚斯岛 是 体外除颤器 150,000


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