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  • 项目名 穆拉巴公寓
    财产种类 阁楼 | 公寓
    可用卧室 2, 3, 4卧室
    价格从 体外除颤器 5,400,000
    发射日期 2014
    占有来自 二月 2017
    财产年龄 53
    区域范围 1740 - 4790 平方英尺
    地点 朱美拉棕榈岛

    穆拉巴公寓 概述

    Welcome to the Muraba Residences, an architectural gem set on the Eastern Crescent of the Palm Jumeirah. It is a collection of just 46 apartments and 4 penthouses, every one of which is oriented to make the most of the uninterrupted views across the water, right along the skyline of the whole of Dubai. We were inspired from the beginning to design something totally unique.

    The building is aligned not only with its physical location, with the rising and the setting of the sun, but also with a certain kind of mindset; one that would be appreciative of a more sophisticated architectural philosophy, as well as keen attention to detail. It has been designed ‘from the inside out’, with the resident in mind.

    The spaces are carefully considered, not just in their proportion and relation to each other, but also to how the light behaves throughout the day; from East to West and from dawn to dusk. It has been a joy to be part of this concept and to see something of a discernibly different quality come to fruition. But no matter how well conceived, a building only becomes a home when it serves first as a haven–hopefully an inspiration–but always ultimately as a canvas of memories for those who live within. This is our purpose and we take pleasure in inviting you to be part of the story; to enjoy the experience of living here, in Dubai, on the Palm, in the Muraba.


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