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 Appartamento per Vendita In Un'isola di Reem , Isola di Al Reem , Abu Dhabi

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Low Floor | Pre Handover

 Appartamento Vendita In Un'isola di Reem , Isola di Al Reem , Abu Dhabi
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One Reem Island is SAAS Properties newest addition to its impressive portfolio and marks their expansion into the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi.

With the beach in your backyard, and mangroves within walking distance, Reem Island is a prime location for all those looking for a serene home, just off the coast from the UAE’s dynamic capital. One Reem Island blends in with its surroundings gracefully. The sandy shore is right at your doorstep and miles of sparkling beaches and promenades will make it easier for you to reach your daily fitness goal or go on a leisurely afternoon stroll.

Key Locations:
• Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi – 2 minutes away
• Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi – 5 minutes away
• Galleria Mall – 5 minutes away
• Louvre Abu Dhabi – 15 minutes away
• Abu Dhabi International Airport – 25 minutes away
• Yas Marina Circuit – 30 minutes away

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Dettagli dell'unità

VenditaAppartamento disponibile per In Un'isola di Reem
Questo Appartamento In Un'isola di Reem ha le dimensioni di 0 sq ft. Questa unità ha , bagni E 0 parcheggio.
IL Appartamento disponibile in Un'isola di Reem Prezzo per mq È N/A AED.
per questo Appartamento In Un'isola di Reem.
Numero di riferimento di Abu Dhabi per Appartamento per Vendita In Un'isola di Reem È AP175480
Dettagli per questo In Un'isola di Reem, comprese foto e tour virtuali.Planimetrie per questo Appartamento In Un'isola di Reem
Trova la mappa della posizione per Un'isola di ReemMiglior prezzo per Un'isola di Reem sono disponibili ora
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Qual è il prezzo? camera da letto Appartamento In Un'isola di Reem , Isola di Al Reem ?

Il prezzo per camera da letto Appartamento In Un'isola di Reem , Isola di Al Reem È DAE 3,850,000

Un'isola di Reem Panoramica

About One Reem Island Discover the epitome of luxury living at One Reem Island, a prestigious residential complex by SAAS Properties in the heart of Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi. This article provides a detailed insight into the apartments offered for sale in this development, highlighting key features, amenities, and the economic benefits of investing in this prime location. Property Information One Reem Island, developed by SAAS Properties, stands out as a beacon of luxury and comfort. Offering 62 residential units, the development provides a range of options, including: 2-bedroom apartments (Living area: 1,526 sq.ft to 3,810 sq.ft) 3-bedroom apartments (Floorplan area: 2,291 sq.ft to 4,015 sq.ft) 4-bedroom apartments (Area: 4,076 sq.ft to 4,735 sq.ft) Investors may also find interest in five retail units located on the basement and ground floors of the building, adding to the allure of this exquisite development. Architecture and Design The exteriors of One Reem Island showcase a blend of modern luxury with traditional Arabic style, reminiscent of the coastal villages of Abu Dhabi. The spacious interiors are designed with a thoughtful use of space and light, featuring balconies and wide windows to enhance the sense of space. Amenities and Facilities Residents of One Reem Island enjoy a host of amenities and facilities, including: Infinity Pool with Views of the Beach and Reem Island Gymnasium with Panoramic View of the Arabian Gulf Jogging and Cycling Tracks 24/7 Concierge Service 141 Parking Spaces Storage Spaces for Each Apartment Location and Distance Strategic Distances Discover the convenience of One Reem Island's location with key amenities and attractions just a stone's throw away. Airports Abu Dhabi International Airport: Approximately 34 kilometers Hospitals Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi: Approximately 3.1 km Reem Hospital: Approximately 4 km Schools Mosaic Nursery: Approximately 1.5 kilometers Belvedere British Nursery: Approximately 1.5 kilometers Repton School: Approximately 2 kilometers International Jubilee Private School: Approximately 8 kilometers Hotels Sheraton Abu Dhabi: Approximately 6.3 km Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi: Approximately 3.5 km Rosewood Abu Dhabi: Approximately 3.1 km Shopping Mall Shams Boutik Mall: Around 4 minutes walk Reem Mall: Approximately 1.7 km IKEA Abu Dhabi: Approximately 33 km Restaurants and Cafes Nearby Smoking Doll, First Clique Marina Square Café & Restaurant Sightseeing and Entertainment Reem Park: Approximately 1.7 km Lourve Abu Dhabi: Approximately 9.2 km Grand Mosque: Approximately 17.6 km Ferrari World: Approximately 32.7 Warner Bros. World: Approximately 30.6 km Yas Waterworld: Approximately 30.6 km Beaches Al Reem Beach: Around 3 minutes walk Corniche Open Beach: Approximately 10 km Saadiyat Beach: Approximately 12.8 km Why Invest in One Reem Island Prime Location: Situated along the beachfront in Abu Dhabi, One Reem Island offers a prestigious address with proximity to key landmarks, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. Rising Property Values: Abu Dhabi's real estate market has demonstrated steady growth, and investing in One Reem Island provides an opportunity for potential appreciation in property values. Exceptional Amenities: The condominium boasts 24/7 concierge services, direct beach access, and a range of luxury amenities, making it highly attractive to discerning tenants and buyers. Proximity to Key Landmarks: Strategic location ensures easy accessibility to Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Galleria Mall, Louvre Abu Dhabi, and other prominent destinations. Early Entry Advantage: Investing now allows for capitalizing on the early stages of One Reem Island's development, potentially securing properties at favorable prices. Rental Income Potential: With the high demand for luxury living in Abu Dhabi, owning a property in One Reem Island presents the opportunity for lucrative rental income. Growth Potential: As the surrounding infrastructure and community develop, the value of your investment is likely to grow, providing a substantial return on investment.

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