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Sustainable 1 bedroom for sale

 Appartamento per Vendita In La Città Sostenibile - AUH , Isola Yas , Abu Dhabi

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Letti: 1
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Bagni: 2
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Parcheggio: 1
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Sustainable 1 bedroom for sale

 Appartamento Vendita In La Città Sostenibile - AUH , Isola Yas , Abu Dhabi
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1 Letti

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2 Baths

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1 Parking

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719 sqft



Panoramica della proprietà

  • Progetto The Sustainable City - AUH
  • Sviluppatore Aldar Properties PJSC
  • Comunità Isola Yas
  • Tipo Appartamento
  • Contrarre Vendita
  • Proprietà Tenuta gratuita (tutte le nazionalità)
  • Prezzo AED 955,000
  • Rif. Unità NO. AP177903
  • La zona 719 mq
  • Prezzo al mq DAE 1,328
  • Letti 1
  • Bagni 2
  • Parcheggio 1
  • Visualizzazione Visualizzazione della comunità
  • Società Finanziatrice
  • ROI
  • Pagamento mensile DAE 0 / 0 yrs


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Company Reg. No. 202201736830
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Dettagli dell'unità

1 Camera da letto VenditaAppartamento disponibile per In La Città Sostenibile - AUH
Questo 1 Camera da letto Appartamento In La Città Sostenibile - AUH ha le dimensioni di 719 sq ft. Questa unità ha 1 Camera da letto, 2 bagni E 1 parcheggio.
IL Appartamento disponibile in La Città Sostenibile - AUH Prezzo per mq È 1328 AED.
Visualizzazione della comunità per questo 1 Camera da letto Appartamento In La Città Sostenibile - AUH.
Numero di riferimento di Abu Dhabi per 1 Camera da letto Appartamento per Vendita In La Città Sostenibile - AUH È AP177903
Dettagli per questo 1 Camera da letto In La Città Sostenibile - AUH, comprese foto e tour virtuali.Planimetrie per questo Appartamento In La Città Sostenibile - AUH
Trova la mappa della posizione per La Città Sostenibile - AUHMiglior prezzo per La Città Sostenibile - AUH sono disponibili ora
Intermediario per il 1 Camera da letto Appartamento In La Città Sostenibile - AUH In Property Shop Investment
Trova unità simili per 1 Camera da letto Appartamento In La Città Sostenibile - AUH

Qual è il prezzo? 1 camera da letto Appartamento In La Città Sostenibile - AUH , Isola Yas ?

Il prezzo per 1 camera da letto Appartamento In La Città Sostenibile - AUH , Isola Yas È DAE 955,000

La Città Sostenibile - AUH Panoramica

About The Sustainable City in Yas Island The Sustainable City, located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is a unique urban development project that Provides sustainable living. The Sustainable City is a self-sufficient community that aims to minimize its ecological footprint while providing a high quality of life for its residents. It incorporates various sustainable practices, including renewable energy sources, water conservation, waste management, and green building techniques. Project Details - Happiness in Harmony with Nature The development stands as a testament to Aldar's vision of creating a community that not only provides a comfortable living space but also contributes positively to the world, it also allows residents to live surrounded by nature in a harmonious community. The Sustainable City has received numerous awards and accolades for its innovative approach to sustainable urban development, including the prestigious "Sustainable City of the Year" award at the World Green Building Council Awards in 2016. Amenities and Lifestyle: The Sustainable City fosters a sense of community and encourages residents to adopt sustainable lifestyles. It offers various educational programs, workshops, and events to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices. Residents can enjoy outdoor activities, cycling paths, and a range of recreational facilities within the city. • The city features a mix of residential, commercial, and retail spaces, all designed with sustainability in mind. • Eco-friendly homes are built using energy-efficient materials and equipped with smart technologies for efficient resource management. • The city has its own organic farms, community gardens, and green spaces, promoting local food production and biodiversity. • Renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines, provide a significant portion of the city's energy needs. • A district cooling system reduces energy consumption for air conditioning. • Water conservation measures include rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling, and efficient irrigation systems. • A waste management system focuses on recycling, composting, and minimizing waste generation. Amenities: • Equestrian Center • Autism Center • Indoor and Outdoor Sports • Community Center • Children’s Playground • Animal Sanctuary • School and Nursery • Running & Cycling • A Green and Sustainable Mosque • Community Swimming Pool Location and Distance • Airports Abu Dhabi International Airport: Approximately 15 km away • Hospitals Yas Healthcare Center: Within the community Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi: Approximately 10 km away • Schools Aldar Academies Yas Island: Within the community Yas School: Approximately 5 km away • Hotels and Mall Yas Island Rotana: Approximately 6.3 km Hilton Abu Dhabi: Approximately 14 min away Yas Mall: Approximately 5 km away IKEA Abu Dhabi: Approximately 4.6 km • Sightseeing and Entertainment Ferrari World: Approximately 5 km away Yas Marina Circuit: Approximately 7 km away Warner Bros: Approximately 7.1 km Yas Waterworld: Approximately 6.9 km • Beaches Yas Beach: Approximately 6 km away Why Invest in The Sustainable City in Yas Island 1. Environmental Sustainability: Promotes eco-friendly practices. Dedicated to minimizing the carbon footprint. Includes an animal sanctuary for biodiversity conservation. Sustainable architecture with a focus on eco-conscious design. 2. Social Sustainability: Inclusive community spaces like the Central Green Spine. Facilities such as the Equestrian Center and Autism Center promote inclusivity. Various engagement spaces like sports courts and playgrounds. Fosters a close-knit and vibrant social environment. 3. Economic Sustainability: Investment contributes to a positive global footprint. Emphasis on quality finishes for long-term asset value. Appreciation of property value over time. Commitment to economic sustainability aligns with long-term value goals. 4. Overall Appeal: Offers a conscious and harmonious lifestyle. Unique opportunity to be part of a community prioritizing sustainability. The green and sustainable mosque symbolizes environmental commitment. Investment goes beyond financial goals to support a positive impact on the world.

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