saadiyat island townhouse for sale

Saadiyat Island for sale

Unit type

Price Type Bedrooms Baths Parking Size Reference Number Property Community
AED 5,600,000 Townhouse 3 5 1 3,317 Sqft TH48658 Lilac Saadiyat Island
AED 5,800,000 Townhouse 4 5 2 4,036 Sqft TH4611 Saadiyat Beach Villas Saadiyat Island
AED 6,000,000 Townhouse 4 6 2 4,272 Sqft VI49470 Saadiyat Beach Villas Saadiyat Island
AED 6,000,000 Townhouse 2 3 1 3,175 Sqft TH56525 Azure Saadiyat Island
AED 6,000,000 Townhouse 3 5 3 5,800 Sqft TH49427 Saadiyat Beach Villas Saadiyat Island
AED 6,500,000 Townhouse 4 6 4,272 Sqft VI61378 Saadiyat Beach Villas Saadiyat Island
Saadiyat Island is one of the most luxurious and exclusive residential and tourism destinations in Abu Dhabi. It is a natural island located just 10 minutes away from Abu Dhabi city center and it offers a unique combination of natural beauty, cultural attractions and modern amenities. 
Location and Important Landmarks:
- Saadiyat Island is located just 10 minutes away from Abu Dhabi city center, with easy access to major highways and transportation links.
- The Abu Dhabi International Airport is located approximately 25 km away from Saadiyat Island, with a travel time of around 20 minutes by car.
- The island is home to several important cultural landmarks, including the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the Zayed National Museum and the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi (currently under construction).
- Saadiyat Island is also home to several high-end hotels and resorts, such as the St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort and the Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas.
- The island is located just a short drive away from some of Abu Dhabi's largest shopping destinations such as the Abu Dhabi Mall and Yas Mall.
Distances from Saadiyat Island to Important Landmarks:
- Abu Dhabi International Airport: 25 km
- Abu Dhabi Mall: 11 km
- Yas Mall: 16 km
- City center: 10 km
About Saadiyat Island:
- Saadiyat Island is renowned for its beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters and a breathtaking natural surrounding that attracts enthusiasts of outdoor activities or water sports.
- The island also offers several parks and green spaces as the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club and the Saadiyat Island Park.
- Saadiyat Island is a mixed-use development of a residential and commercial community.
- Saadiyat Island also houses several renowned schools and educational institutions making it a preferred idea or option for families with children.
Real Estate Market in Saadiyat Island:
- Saadiyat Island real estate market is among the most exclusive and upscale in Abu Dhabi with some of the most luxurious and costly properties in the city.
- The demand for high-end properties in Saadiyat Island is projected to continue to rise as the island becomes increasingly popular among tourists and residents.
- Due to its prime location the natural beauty and cultural attractions of the island makes it an attractive option for both buyer and renters with a potential for a high return investment.


What is the price for for sale in Saadiyat Island

The starting price for Townhouse bedroom for sale in Saadiyat Island is AED 5,600,000

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