Marbella Damac Lagoons facts

Available Bedrooms 3, 4 Bedrooms
Project Name Marbella Damac Lagoons
Property Type Town House
Property Unit Type Townhouse
Price from 1,900,000
Area Range 3,100 - 3,100
Location Damac Hills
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Marbella Damac Lagoons property details

Construction Date2022-10-19T20:00:00Z
Zone TypeFree Hold
Property TypeTown House
Property Unit TypeTownhouse
Property PlanOff-Plan
Property OwnerDamac Properties
Construction Progress0%
Construction DateOct 2022
Handover DateDec 2026
Built Up Area12,043,245
Starting Price1,900,000
Max Price2,700,000

Marbella Damac Lagoons is located in Damac Hills Dubai

The developer of Marbella Damac Lagoons is Damac Properties

The property types for Marbella Damac Lagoons

The available bedrooms in Marbella Damac Lagoons , Bedrooms

The property size in Marbella Damac Lagoons 310000 - 310000 Sqft

Property Management Services

You can list your property in Marbella Damac Lagoons by filling up the form in List Your Fto

To sell your property in Marbella Damac Lagoons is thru Property Shop Investment

To rent your property in Marbella Damac Lagoons is thru Property Shop Investment

Property Management

The best property management company in Marbella Damac Lagoons is Property Shop Investment

Marbella Damac Lagoons Overview

If you are looking to buy a house in Dubai filled with Spanish vibes and pleasure of Marbella in Spain, your opportunity is right here. Marbella Townhouses at Damac Lagoons are new houses in Dubai giving you a unique lifestyle. You will have the beauty of crystal waters on one hand and the nice smell of fragrant flowers on the other. Yes, these properties are opportunities for you to take your lifestyle to new levels and add a touch of Mediterranean pleasure to it. 

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