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Additional Services

Additional Services

Interior, Exterior Design & Landscaping

"Improve your indoor and outdoor Living Area"

Property shop Investment is the leader in Abu Dhabi, not only because it is number one broker in Abu Dhabi real estate market, but because it provides full range of services.

Property Shop Investment provides both creative and practical support to transforming, improving and creating a beautiful indoor and outdoor living area for your home in Abu Dhabi. By dealing with trusted designing companies, your interior and exterior living area will be a fantastic place to live in.

The companies we recommend prepare turnkey packages and provide entire project management support, from procurement and budget management to delivery and installation. Clientele includes hotels, restaurants, financial institutions, corporate facilities and offices.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, they are equipped to undertake interior design projects of any size and of any type (Residential properties and Commercial properties). From small scale remodelling to large-scale renovations, with letting QUALITY be the main focus.

Water features become the focal point of any garden with their melodious tunes and natural ability to attract a variety of birds and butterflies. Whether you tuck a decorative fountain near the entrance of your home or create a backyard habitat with an ecosystem pond and waterfall, you�ll find each day enhanced when you waterscape your landscape. Whether you have an expansive lawn or a small balcony, you�ll find a water feature to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Let Property Shop Investment give you a hand to improve your home environment, contact us now.

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