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сдается в аренду в Остров Яс

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Цена Категория Спальные комнаты Бани Парковка Размер Ссылочный номер Собственность Сообщество

продается в Остров Яс

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Цена Категория Спальные комнаты Бани Парковка Размер Ссылочный номер Собственность Сообщество
Аэд 2,420,000 Жилой Земли 8,070 Футы P78234 Леа Остров Яс
Аэд 3,150,000 Жилой Земли 5,806 Футы RL62052 Леа Остров Яс
Аэд 3,500,000 Жилой Земли 8,070 Футы RL55762 Леа Остров Яс
Аэд 3,900,000 Жилой Земли 11,175 Футы RL68677 Запад Яс Остров Яс
Аэд 4,000,000 Жилой Земли 8,400 Футы RL68669 Запад Яс Остров Яс
Аэд 5,500,000 Жилой Земли 4 6 2 3,838 Футы RL57063 Леа Остров Яс
Yas Island, an artificial island in Abu Dhabi, is a sought-after location for living and tourism. The island is a hub of entertainment, leisure and residential options offering a unique experience. 
Location and Landmarks:
- Yas Island is conveniently located just 25 minutes away from Abu Dhabi city center, accessible via major highways and transportation links.
- The Abu Dhabi International Airport is only 10 km away from Yas Island, with a travel time of approximately 15 minutes by car.
- Yas Island boasts many important landmarks, such as the Yas Marina Circuit that hosts the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the Yas Waterworld, the region's largest water park.
- High-end hotels and resorts, like the Yas Hotel Abu Dhabi and W Abu Dhabi - Yas Island, are situated on the island.
- Yas Island is also close to Abu Dhabi's prominent shopping destinations, including the Yas Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall.
Distances from Yas Island to Important Landmarks:
- Abu Dhabi International Airport: 10 km
- Abu Dhabi Mall: 27 km
- Yas Mall: situated on Yas Island
- City center: 25 km
About Yas Island:
- Yas Island is renowned for its entertainment and leisure options making it a preferred destination for families and young professionals.
- The island has several parks and green spaces such as the Yas Marina Park and the Yas Gateway Park.
- Yas Island is a mixed-use development that comprises a range of residential, commercial, and entertainment facilities.
- The island offers various housing options: such as residential towers, villas, and apartments catering to different needs.
- Several schools and educational institutions are located in the area making it a favored choice or options for families with children.
Real Estate Market:
- The real estate market in Yas Island is highly in-demand in Abu Dhabi with a variety of options for renters and buyers.
- The demand for properties in Yas Island is expected to keep rising as the island becomes an increasingly popular destination for tourists and residents.
- Yas Island's location, entertainment options, and high-end amenities make it a desirable location for both renters and buyers with a potentially high return on investment.
Why Invest in Yas Island,Abu Dhabi:
- Yas Island offers a distinctive and lively living experience with access to some of Abu Dhabi's most important landmarks and entertainment attractions.
- The real estate market in Yas Island is considered one of the most popular and potentially profitable in the city.
- With the expected increase in demand for properties in Yas Island it presents an ideal opportunity for both renters and buyers.


Какова цена за продается в Остров Яс

Стартовая цена на Жилой Земли Спальня продается в Остров Яс является Аэд 2,420,000

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