Al Samha Villa For Rent

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Цена Категория Спальные комнаты Бани Парковка Размер Ссылочный номер Собственность Сообщество

Abu Dhabi is a highly developed coastal city that offers expatriates a variety of options in terms of tourism and investment opportunities. Also, one will find a wide variety of residential properties in Abu Dhabi. One such community is Al Samha, set on the outskirts of the city. Since it is a remote community that is still in its developmental phase, the town is not widely known. However, Al Samha is gradually gaining prominence in the capital’s real estate market.

The neighbourhood has an eastern extension called Al Reef 2, a large housing complex. This residential complex, as well as a few other projects in the community, include labour accommodations for people who work in the nearby industrial areas.  

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