Название проекта Акт 1 и Акт 2
Тип Недвижимости Пентхаус | Квартира
Доступные Спальни 1, 2, 3, 4Спальные комнаты
Цена от Аэд 1,450,000
Дата Запуска Aug 2016
Владение От Ноября 2020
Возраст объекта 53
Диапазон Области 666 - 1719 Футы
Расположение Даунтаун Дубай

Акт 1 и Акт 2 Обзор

The exceptional residential towers, Act One | Act Two, rise at the heart of the Opera District, flanking The Opera House. Inspired by the Dubai Fountain, Act One | Act Two embody the dynamic features of the dancing fountain; the stepping masses create a unique exterior facade while maintaining a practical purpose. The horizontal stepping create wider views of Burj Khalifa while the vertical stepping reflect the dancing fountain’s vertical motion and provide a variable range of roof terraces and balconies, each offering a unique view.

Act One | Act Two host a range of apartments from 1-3 bedroom units. The interiors of Act One | Act Two are tastefully designed and crafted to embody style and contemporary class. A marvelous life awaits you in The Opera District.

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