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A Luxury Destination In Saadiyat Island With Beachfront Villas.

Imagining a property as a home, rather than a house, and the area that suurounds it as an extension of your home is ultimately what imkan, and other developers, should be after as providing holistic spaces to buyers enhances both the social fabric of society as well as profits.

Imkan alway looking for new opportunity and new destination to design the best projects all over the world because as developers we must invest in the design of the public realm as much as we invest in the architecture of the buildings becuase it amounts to being the connective tissue that ultimately turns a house into a home, an erea into a community, and a number of communities into an entire place.

When you are choosing imkan you are adding extra value, more than mere face value and it's all about people.

We are always on the lookout for innovative, creative and game-changing new talent. We might be headquartered in Abu Dhabi, but our opportunities know no boundaries.

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Beachfront Villas

Minutes to

3 min
Louvre Museum
3 min
Cranleigh School Saadiyat
10 min
New York University
15 min
Cleveland Hospital


Available Units
37 Villa
July 2019
4, 5+1, 6
Ownership Rights
Open to All Nationalities


Swimming Pool

Community Club

Jogging Tracks

Medical Clinic


Schedule of Areas

Villa Type Gross Sellable Area Plot Size
The Shores
S-1 1,900.00 m2 2,832.20 m2
S-2 1,900.00 m2 2,489.60 m2
S-3 1,900.00 m2 2,565.30 m2
S-4 1,900.00 m2 2,653.00 m2
The Beach
B-1-1 1,261.00 m2 1,135.60 m2
B-1-2 1,261.00 m2 1,247.70 m2
B-1-3 1,261.00 m2 1,253.80 m2
B-1-4 1,261.00 m2 1,222.90 m2
B-2-1 1,261.00 m2 1,000.10 m2
B-2-2 1,261.00 m2 1,000.90 m2
B-2-3 1,261.00 m2 1,007.10 m2
B-2-4 1,261.00 m2 1,007.40 m2
B-2-5 1,261.00 m2 1,004.50 m2
The Dunes
D-1-1 855.00 m2 865.30 m2
D-1-2 855.00 m2 885.00 m2
D-1-3 855.00 m2 933.00 m2
D-1-4 855.00 m2 910.70 m2
D-1-5 855.00 m2 832.30 m2
D-1-6 855.00 m2 681.20 m2
D-1-7 855.00 m2 637.70 m2
D-1-8 855.00 m2 637.70 m2
D-1-9 855.00 m2 699.50 m2
D-1-10 855.00 m2 827.80 m2
D-1-11 855.00 m2 827.70 m2
D-1-12 855.00 m2 743.40 m2
D-1-13 855.00 m2 771.70 m2
D-1-14 855.00 m2 732.80 m2
D-1-15 855.00 m2 941.20 m2
D-2-1 852.00 m2 691.60 m2
D-2-2 852.00 m2 691.70 m2
D-2-3 852.00 m2 691.70 m2
D-2-4 852.00 m2 667.90 m2
D-2-5 852.00 m2 642.20 m2
D-2-6 852.00 m2 642.20 m2
D-2-7 852.00 m2 679.60 m2
D-2-8 852.00 m2 767.60 m2


Villas Payment Plan

5 Years Plan
Handover July 2019
10 Equal Semi- Annual Installments
8 Years Plan
Handover July 2019
14 Equal Semi- Annual Installments

Plots Payment Plan

5 Years Plan
Handover July 2019
10 Equal Semi- Annual Installments
8 Years Plan
Handover July 2019
14 Equal Semi- Annual Installments

Why Buy

The upscale Neighborhood, Closed & Intimate Community with only 36 neighbors  
Service Charge Payable By the Developer for 10 Years  
7 Year Payment Plan after the Handover  
Human-centric design, High-end finishing Unique & Limited Villas - only 37  
All Villas overlooking to the open sea  
Elevated views of the open sea & Louvre Abu Dhabi  
Available to All Nationalities  

Location Map

About The Developer

IMKAN is an Abu Dhabi-based high end real estate developer with a human-centric approach to property development. The Placemakers of whole communities, providing higher returns and aiming to create soulful places that enrich people's lives. IMKAN is wholly owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Capital Group (ADCG).

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