Guide to UAE Investor Visas for Real Estate Investments

Exploration of UAE's Investor Visas for' Real Estate Investments: What You Need to Know

Understanding investor visas: Before investing, it's crucial to know the different types, eligibility requirements, and associated costs of investor visas.

10-year Investor Visas

Eligibility: Investors must make a public investment of at least AED 10 million in any emirate. At least 60% of this investment should be in sectors other than real estate.

Non-loan clause: The investment should not be a loan.

Investment retention: The investment must be held for at least three years

Who it covers: This visa can include an executive director, an advisor, spouse, and children. It can be extended to business partners if each invests AED 10 million.

Multiple-entry permit: Foreign investors can apply for a permit valid for six months.

Abu Dhabi

5-Year Investor Visa

Eligibility: Real estate investors must invest at least AED 5 million in a property, which should not be a loan. The property must be held for at least three years.

5-Year Property Investor Visa in Abu Dhabi

Eligibility: Investors must show an investment profile or proof of property worth at least AED 2 million. Mortgage status proof is also required.

Investor Visa Rules in Dubai

  • Local market investment: Investments must be made in local markets
  • Property purchase price: The AED 10 million investment refers to the property's purchase price, not its current market value.

General UAE Investor Visa Requirements

Unacceptable properties: Properties under construction, in dispute, or deemed unsafe are not eligible for an investor visa. Also, off-plan properties, leasehold properties, and disputed properties are not acceptable for a real estate visa.


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