We understand that in this dynamic world of real estate and vast development, you need a professional, knowledgeable, experienced and proactive expert to guarantee you the most successful financial results. With our specialized, multilingual, and dedicated team we assure you the most convenient service available. At PSI we apply our unique CARE (Competency, Accuracy, Responsiveness, and Experience) principle to bring you a world class customer care team that caters to your expectations and assists you along every step of the way. We have a systematic procedure in selling, managing, buying and renting which gives us credibility as a trustworthy business partners.

Our team presents a myriad of consultants to address a wide range of Real Estate matters; this is achieved through continuous communication which contributes to the growth of long-term relationships.

Call Center Team

In the Call Center we assist current and future clients by answering their questions, concerns and inquires in a timely, honest and professional manner. Our goal is to convert interested callers into extremely satisfied and delighted clients.

Listing Team

If you are a landlord and you need to sell or rent your property, you will be assigned to an agent who can directly list your property in the market. This process will help you to speed up the promotion of your property.

Marketing Team

Using multiple marketing channels and tools such as direct and indirect marketing, we will advertise your property in the best light possible. We will continue assisting you until the final deal is closed.

Property Management Team

We offer services to take care of your property. Our Property Management team provides the full range solutions such as management services, snagging, handover and inspection to optimize investment return.

Lease Management

This team assists tenants to secure the best available property, and landlords to cover their renting requirements.


While you are renting your property, maintenance may be required. Our dedicated team is prepared to deliver the outstanding service for the smooth running of your leasing contract.

Sales Team

Contact our experts in sales, to get their advice on availabilities in all regions of Abu Dhabi. Their knowledge and experience will deliver you fully encompassing guidance of your dream property.

Leasing Team

PSI, with their exceptional leasing team, strong expertise, and expansive networks, will assist you in all your rental needs. The most advantageous solutions will be found for both the tenant and the landlord, in view of upholding integral relationships

Human Resource Team

Our mission is to provide valued Human Resources services that enable PSI to attract, support, retain and develop the diverse talents needed to achieve and sustain the company's strategic goals. Hence, our main focus is to ensure that our staff is proficiently trained, to enable them to rise up to market challenges.

Business Development Team

In the fast-paced environment of Abu Dhabi real estate, our team of business development experts is kept on their toes. They can advise you on projects ranging from off plan to completed projects. Apart from planning dynamic business development strategies, the team develops potential business areas through their networks to position PSI as the leader in the real estate market.

Accounting / Finance Team

Accounting/Finance Department plays a critical role in monitoring money, gathering payments and colleting receivables, paying bills and utilities on time and ensuring the company keeps a positive working capital for a group of companies.

Mortgage Department

PSI offers a dedicated mortgage team that can help you find the best mortgage options and rates. It integrates real estate and home financing to give you mortgage solutions and the property you seek. We provide prompt execution and high-quality results with our skilled staff. PSI provides you with pre-approval within hours from all UAE banks and follows up with you and the bank on a regular basis.


PSI Academy is a practical Real Estate learning platform that will unlock the door to a plethora of opportunities. It was developed to assist individuals interested in real estate in achieving their career goals and advancing their professions. PSI Academy members will receive comprehensive and categorized training, as well as assessments for each course and PSI-branded certifications.

Our programs are founded on extensive real estate experience and knowledge, and they teach a variety of techniques and sets of skills to advance specialized skills such as real estate finance, cross-cultural communication skills, proptech, market knowledge, project knowledge, time management, international real estate knowledge, corporate communications, competitive legal Skills, real estate development, sales skills, negotiation skills and customer service.


Our retail department offers an expansive database of retail and commercial real estate for both citizens and foreigners to choose from. PSI chooses its location based on qualities that will assist our customers in building successful enterprises. Because we have specialized teams in each of Abu Dhabi's communities, many people will find it simplistic to work with us. Aside from our free consultation, we provide many services at once, so you one will not be complaining about property management, maintenance, or high-end marketing!

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